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Tavern of Your Dreams Contest Extended

Two weeks ago, we announced a new Tavern on the Green contest. We asked you readers to send us your best realistic and off the walls crazy visions for the now up-for-bid famed Central Park restaurant, and in return we've committed to give the winners a whole bundle of books and prizes (yes, a panini maker is involved).

Among the suggestions we've received so far is a TOTG that would rotate between a jazz club, a speakeasy, and a ballroom, with a rotating roster of chefs; a New York version of the Winter Palace; an NYC Alinea serving "elements of Dirty Water Dog, grapefruit umbrella, yuzu relish” and spraying diners with “essence of New York sidewalk;" and a dining room full of "sheep pods." Actually a number of you mention sheep or, "if sheep are deemed to be too unsanitary to stroll around a modern restaurant, how about Standard Poodles?"

We're loving the submissions but we want more. So we're giving you until the end of the month. Submit all visions, plans, and crazy notions to
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