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The Shutter Report: Upper East Side in Tatters

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1) Upper East Side: A tipster reports and the official website confirms that the relocated Cambodian Cuisine on 3rd and 93rd (reviewed here) is now closed: "Sad story....this family-owned place that took forever to open on upper Third Ave (Manhattan) after shifting from Fort Greene...and ran up hundreds of thousands of dollars in rehab bills as chronicled by the NYT...has died. Marshal's notice on the window. The debts must be enormous...the timing was just all wrong." [ShutterWire]

2) Upper East Side: A number of tipsters have written in to report on the shutter of Sassy's Sliders, the ten year-old slider joint opened on 3rd and 86th by the owner of Carmine's and the president of Steve's Ice Cream. [ShutterWire]

3) Upper East Side: More a reminder than anything, a tipster writes in to tell us Wicked Wolf on 1st and 75th is closing to become a 2nd Avenue Deli. Reps at Wicked Wolf said they're still waiting to hear when they will actually need to close, but they're open for the time being. [ImminentShutterWire]

4) FiDi: Getting back downtown, Flo Fab reports Gold St. will close today and will turn into Harry’s Italian. [NYT]

5) East Village: EV Grieve brings word that Hea, the only six month-old—and often empty— restaurant in the Toll Brothers' tower on Third Ave. and 13th St. is already closing for renos. They'll reopen next Tuesday. [EV Grieve]