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This Is A Joke: Daniel Becomes Pierre Overnight

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In one of the better April Fool's jokes we've seen today, a tipster sends in the above pictures and this report:

"As I was walking my dog late last night I passed Restaurant Daniel and happened to notice a crowd actively at work (appeared to be kitchen and front of the house employees). I returned this morning and snapped the attached photos.
...I know Pierre [Eds: The GM] has ambition, but maybe his thinking was rather then hunt for a new location to call his own why not plant a flag in an established and familiar place...maybe Pierre was inspired by events that took place last week in a Michelin factory in France where the workers took a pair of managers hostage. I hope DB is unharmed.”
Reservationists and PR confirm none of this happened, so props to our readers and their sick Photoshopping skills.
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