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Aurora Owner to Open Emporio in Old InTent Space

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Nolita: Sources close to the restaurant tell us that Riccardo Buitoni, the owner of rustic Italian restaurants Aurora in Williamsburg and Aurora Soho, will open Emporio, an Italian restaurant and (of course) pizza place, within the next two weeks. Nolita veterans may recognize those killer skylights as belonging to the dearly departed and short lived Mediterranean concept restaurant InTent, on Mott between Prince and Spring. Well, it looks quite a bit different two years later: the tent is gone, they've traded in beige walls for deep yellow, and the setup is a bit plainer, more spartan. The outside signage is a tad bizarre, but we're on board for an Aurora spinoff. We'll leave it to the pizza geeks to figure out all of the minutiae surrounding that oven.
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