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EaterWire: Brennan Confirmed at Trigo, Swingers at the Ansonia, Ago's Suspected Plans, and More

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TRIBECA— The Times confirms earlier reports that Terrance Brennan is taking over Tribeca behemoth Trigo. He'll open is as Bar Artisanal on the 20th. [Diner's Journal]

TRIBECA— A little speculation/update on the Ago situation, per the tipline: "I have word from my sources inside Ago that they are going to stay open till AFTER the Tribeca Film Festival, then they will close for a few weeks for minor renovations. Carmellini is already working in the space and looks for feedback on new dishes from anyone who walks by. So we are looking at a May 4th close, followed by a reopen probably by the beginning of June." [EaterWire]

UPPER WEST SIDERemembering the legendary Upper West Side building the Ansonia back when it had a swingers' club called Plato's Retreat operating in its basement: "Plato’s was an Ansonia tenant from September 1977 until December 1980, when the club’s owners were paid a million dollars by management to please, please, leave. It’s just another weird thing on the list of weird things that have occurred in the castle-like building at 2109 Broadway." [West Side Spirit via Curbed]

CELEBWIRE—In a new show airing tonight called "I Get That All the Time" Heidi Klum poses as a pizza girl. [Slice]

SOHOMore Topshop freebies. Per the Madewell store: "We're giving a royal welcome to our new neighbors (or 'neighbours,' as our window will say): Topshop! Stop by in the morning (or all day) for free coffee and donuts." [EaterWire]