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The Shutter: Felled Bamn! to Become Baoguette?

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East Village: BAMN! the 2 1/2 year-old St. Mark's Place automat/filling station—which received the deluge of press typically reserved for a Momo or McNally opening—has been closed for over a week now with papered over windows and a sign reading "Closed for Today." We think it's safe to say the kiosk, which seemed to make it on nostalgia and novelty alone, is dunzo. Please, a moment of silence for a space that has come to signify just how comical the St. Mark's strip has become...

Better things lie ahead. An inside source tells us the future tenant of the space will be none other than the Murray Hill hit, Baoguette, the new bahn mi concept from Michael "Bao" Hunynh.
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