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MinettaWire: Early Word from Friends and Family

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Greenwich Village We expect the bloggers, Yelpers, and 'Hounders to jump on Minetta Tavern the second it opens (purportedly on Thursday, though we've heard it could be tomorrow), with the trigger-happy pro reviewers like Ryan Sutton and Adam Platt to follow soon thereafter. But beating them all to the punch, former Times critic Mimi Sheraton shares her thoughts on a friends and family outing in the comments:

A menu is one thing. Delivery on its promise is another. So it is great to be able to say that a two-person tasting at Minetta this past Friday night resulted in these absolute winners...and so early in the game, too:
What we loved were the oxtais and foie gras terrine, the 3 tartars, the grilled veal chop, the stupendous boned pigs' feet and the say nothing of the setting itself which is classic McNally genius and feels as it did about 60 years ago when I was there for the first of many meals.
Mimi Sheraton
We expect more F&F reactions to be trickling in soon.
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