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A Moveable Tweet: The Latest from the Industry Twitterati

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Welcome to new feature A Moveable Tweet, where we round up the best musings of the restaurant industry twitterati from the last week.


@ruthreichl: "Weirdest dream last night:We were sharing a big modern house with the Clintons and Hilary was SO lonely. We rode horses. I need coffee. Lots."

@GAchatz: "The Oprah that I will be on tomorrow is probably worth tivoing for the proactive medical awareness stories."

@roccodispirito: "roasted lobster at pastis as good as any lobster I've ever been served. Even ran into my mentor Gray Kunz!"

@RichardBlais:"Thank goodness for twitter when Im dining by myself :( "

@kkrader: "Sitting next to justin timberlake and Jessica biel. Now no more celeb nonsense."

@pete_wells: "Just back from the Brooklyn Public House. In a new beer pub, it shouldn't be so hard to find something I want to drink. I mean, Blue Moon?"

@seriouseats: "Grub St. says we're entering the golden age of oatmeal?! As a lifelong oatmealist, i feel conflicted. Nervous for oatmeal's 15 minutes."

@amateurgourmet: "says the mussels at Cafe Boulud (Palm Beach) not only made me sick, they paled in comparison to the mussels at Brooklyn Fish Camp."

@bittman: "Dreamed of walnut pizza. Has anyone eaten one? This after discussing Pepe's ad nauseum with cousins."

@edlevine: "I'm glad it's hard to find potato chips fried in lard in nyc. Easy access to those suckers might cause me to gain all my weight back."
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