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Doomed Spaces: A Rexaminination of 206 East 63rd St.

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Upper East Side: As expected, Upper East Side barbecue joint Smokin' Q closed its doors last month after barely a year in business. The Times sees the shutter as an opportunity to rewrite an '06 article and remind us all that the space is undeniably cursed. Indeed, Smokin' Q was the 12th restaurant to inhabit the space in the last 40 years. The owner, Steve Levy:

I went up against it and I was defeated by it. This location stands out like a sore thumb...I was confident that I could create a restaurant that was so wonderful that I could overcome the disadvantages of the location. The bottom line is, it was a mistake."
The Times contends the actual location can't be everything, since restaurants mere blocks away seem to be thriving. Like some of these other locations, it's just straight up cursed.
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