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Spring Tracking: Checking in on the Delayed Fall Previews

2007_09_efp.jpgWe last checked in on the remainders of the Fall Preview restaurants in January. Since spring is around the corner, we figured it was time for a follow up. The good news: out of the 12 leftovers, La Fonda del Sol, Casa la Femme, Fatty Crab were all able to open their doors. The bad news: the rest haven't. We hear Table 8 in the Cooper Square Hotel is moving along nicely and should be opening in the next few weeks. Over in Williamsburg, we haven't seen much progress on either the Pies 'n' Thighs space or the future Fatty Cue (above), though we hear the vague reports that the latter will open in "spring or summer". For the rest of the critically delayed restaurants, we sent intrepid intern Luciana Giangrandi to check them out. Her report:

Sho Shaun Hergatt, 4 months delayed: "Though, they wouldn't let me get a picture of it, it will definitely be open soon. They told me they're hoping to open in a week or so. The restaurant looked completed and there were plenty of people there holding meetings so I think it'll launch very soon."

La Otra, 5 months delayed: "It was closed with metal shutters, and there was no sign of life around the building (no workmen, open back doors, etc.) so I can't really estimate their status."

Permanent Brunch, 4 months delayed: "This was closed as well and their windows were covered with brown paper. The awning of the previous restaurant, Vanel, is still up."

Nuela, 5 months delayed: "If you take a look at the photo of the inside of Nuela, you can see it still looks like they've got some work to do."

Aldea, 3 months delayed: "Aldea was full of workers coming in and out. The space, narrow and long, looked like it would be finished very soon, at least the first floor (the second looks like it needs a bit more work). From the tour I learned that they'll be having a variety of seating areas including a private dining room on the second floor and in the back of the first floor, 6 counter top seating spaces in front of the very cute open kitchen." Pr tells us they're shooting for the end of the month or early April.
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