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Eater Inside: Fatty Crab UWS

[Horine, 3/5/09]

Upper West Side: Last night, Zak Pelaccio's long awaited Upper West Side branch of his West Village hit, Fatty Crab, opened to the public on Broadway between 76th and 77th. Like the original, this Fatty serves what they like to call a "unique blend of rock n’ roll Malaysian street food"—to see what that really means, see the menu below or Meehan's '05 write up here— while the space boasts familiar bright red walls, dark wood accents, and a quirky bathroom. The big difference here: the Pelak had a lot more room to work with. The new space seats 74 and has a much larger bar, a semi-private and raised side room, and the promise of outdoor seating. Take a look around and a peak at the menu.


Green Mango with Chili-Sugar-Salt 6
Jalan Alor Chicken Wings 8
Pickles Raja Chulan 7
Steamed Buns – pork or veggie 9
Fatty Tea Sandwiches – pork belly, sambal aioli 8
Fatty Sliders – mini pork & beef burgers 9
Chicken or Scallop Satay- cilantro, chili, shallot, egg, peanut sauce 12

Green Mango Salad 10
Watermelon Pickle and Crispy Pork 13
Shrimp Sambal – bibb lettuce, charred scallion, coconut 16

Hokkien Mee
Nasi Goreng- Indonesian fried rice 16
Haianese Chicken Rice- poached chicken breast, sweet soy, ginger 18
Wonton Mee – shrimp and pork wontons, fried noodles 14/17
Lo Si Fun – short rice noodles, chinese sausage, shiitake 14
Coconut Poached Bass – laifun, vietnamese mint 19
Java Mee – egg noodle, fish cake, shrimp, thai basil 18
Malay Fish Fry – tumeric tempura, crab curry, green chili, tamaki 14
Nasi Lemak – coconut rice, chicken curry, slow poached egg 22

Fatty’s Specialties
Oyster Omelet Ashraf- market oysters, sweet soy, sriracha MP
Chili Crab – crab, chili sauce, white toast MP
Singaporean Black Pepper Mussels 16
Skate Panggang – grilled on a banana leaf, sambal udang kering 14
Short Rib Rendang – braised with kaffir lime, coconut, chili 25
Chicken Claypot – ginger, green chili, tofu 14
Fatty Duck – steamed, fried, toasted tamaki 14
Vegetables Rice Bowls
Kang Kong Belacan 11 Rice 3
Chinese Broccoli w/ Salted Fish 9 Coconut Rice 4
Steamed Baby Bok Choy 9 Chicken Rice 4

House Cocktails? $12
Fatty Sling: Something tall and rummy, to cushion the spice and quench the fires. Overproof rum, pineapple juice and ginger ale, with bitters and Pernod.

House Highballs, Planter’s style:

Chota Peg (small—1 jigger of Scotch or brandy plus soda or ginger ale)

Burra Peg (big—2 jiggers of Scotch or brandy plus soda or ginger ale)

Poona Club: Back in the days of British India, the Poona Club was famous for its—well, you’ll have to look it up. Rangpur-lime gin with vermouth, blood orange juice and bitters.

Bamboo Cocktail: Invented in Yokohama in 1899, plus or minus, and just as light and appetizing now as it was then. Vermouth and sherry, with bitters.

East India Cocktail: The best way to prevent malaria is to thoroughly intoxicate the mosquitoes. Cognac with dashes of this and that, including bitters and pineapple syrup.

Rum & Coconut Water ($14): Popular wherever coconuts fall off of trees. Strong Australian rum. Coconut water. Ice. Served in fresh young coconut.

Straits Sling: A “well-known Singapore drink” from the Panama-hat days. Long and spicy. Gin, Benedictine, kirschwasser, lime, ginger beer.

Fatty Crab

2170 Broadway, New York, NY 10023 212-496-2722

Fatty Crab - Meatpacking

643 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014 (212) 352-3590 Visit Website