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Dispatch from the Inside: Rainbow Room Office Conversion Looking Likelier

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Rockefeller Center: More confirmation that landlord Tishman Speyer is considering converting the famed Rainbow Room into office space, from the Eater Comments:

"I've been an employee at Rainbow for two decades. I have seen the architects from Gensler photographing, surveying, and measuring both the 64th and 65th fl of 30 Rock. The plans for office conversion have been submitted to Tishman Speyer long ago. I've seen a lot of changes from Joe Baum to Giuseppe Cipriani. Unfortunately the biggest change is yet to come. It will indeed be a sad day when The Rainbow Room ceases to be. The Rainbow Room is the last of its breed on Manhattan's skyline. It has dined, wined, and danced every walk of life for 75 years. The Rainbow Room atop Rockefeller Center represents the heights attainable through persistence and determination during the depths of The Great Depression. I hope the vision exists to preserve it for future generations.
We hope so too. Any other inside intel can be directed right this way.
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