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205, Tonda, Blue Seats to Kneel Before Altar of CB3

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East Village/LES: While the Water Taxi Beach Team sweet talks Community Board 1, we have a whole swath of restaurateurs and bar owners up for appraisal by Community Board 3 this month:

The attempt to renew 205's license, which was revoked last April, should be quite the show (especially since the place was reportedly on the market three months ago). Someone is going to try for the despised Carne Vale space at 46 Avenue B, a feat the owners of Perbacco couldn't accomplish back in November. Also, Blue Seats wants to add a bar; Cafe Deville (which is now only open 5 days a week) wants to transfer their license to someone else, signaling a possible upcoming shutter; and the new restaurant in the E.U. space, Tonda, will see if they can get an alteration. All in, it will be quite the fun time. We'll report back after the meeting on March 16.
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