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Twidentity Theft: The Case of the Restaurant Girl Impostor

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As noted, restaurant industry types have jumped feet first into this Twitter trend. Ed Levine's on it, so is Pete Wells, Ivy Stark, Amanda Hesser. Ruth Reichl and Mark Bittman are particularly prolific, while Grant Achatz is characteristically cryptic. But here's where we encounter a problem: how do you know your favorite food world celebrity is actually the one doing the tweeting?

Case in point: @RestaurantGirl. We didn't notice until yesterday how loopy her tweets actually were. She writes one day: "I'm out, tongues out! Snowflakes are the ultimate palette cleanser." And another: "It's official! Bellboys opened more doors for me this weekend then a degree from Harvard." The real Danyelle Freeman confirms, "It's most definitely not me." She has emailed Twitter and filed a complaint against the RG impostor. So all you folks poking fun at her Twitter feed, lay off. And you followers, take note.
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