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Former Dressler/Dumont Chef Opens Rye in Williamsburg

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Williamsburg: We've heard a number of reports of the last couple of weeks that the former co-head chef at the Dumont/Dressler empire, Cal Elliot, is opening a new restaurant in Williamsburg. And we find out today that in an admirably stealth move, the place was open for drinks all last week and started dinner service last night sans buzz or fanfare. Located at 247 South First between Roebling and Havemeyer, the restaurant is called Rye, and while reps tell us they're not officially open, early reports say otherwise. Reveals a well-placed Eater operative, when pressed for details:

"I was told to try and keep it down a bit about this place because the kinks are not worked out yet and they wanna get it right before they get slammed. So I really can't say if the room was beautifully restored, or that the scallop dish and short rib terrine were phenomenal!!!!, and that my old fashioned was PERFECTLY made. The room is dark and gives off that old timey speakeasy in Pennsylvania vibe, but very beautiful (nearly no cheese factor). The food being turned out is refined, say a small step above Walter (similar to Dressler), but ok ok that's really all I can say."
Remember folks, they're trying to work out the kinks, so be nice.
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247 South 1st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211 (718) 218-8047 Visit Website