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Monkey Bar Opens to Public for Test Run

Midtown East: A Midtown resident gets a peek at Graydon Carter's highly anticipated Monkey Bar, which may be open to the public tonight. Straight from the tipline:

"I live and work a block away from Monkey Bar so I decided to walk by yesterday to see if I could get a glimpse inside. There were 2 pretty big bouncer-looking guys outside...was pretty surprised when they invited me to go in for a drink. I spoke with the Maitre D' who told me that on a whim they decided last-minute to take the paper off the walls and windows and to open to the public as a test run...Walked through the dining room and it was empty. The Maitre D' (think his name is Alex) said that reservations are going to be pretty tight once they're up and running, i.e. like Waverly Inn, but it helps that I live in the neighborhood. He couldn't promise it, but said they will probably be open to the public again today. This may be the best opportunity for people to get in there for dinner."
You heard him bloggers, Yelpers, and the rest. This could be your chance.
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Monkey Bar

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