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More Details Unleashed on Dovetail's Central Park Cafe

Central Park: Two weeks ago, we learned that, heeding a call from the Parks Dept., the team at Dovetail put in a bid to open a gourmet food cart at the Bethesda Arcade and a cafe at Mineral Springs in Central Park. We already know all about the set up—Dovetail would want both spaces and would deliver all around the Sheep Meadow and surrounds—and the menu. But, now that we have our hands on the actual copy of the Mineral Springs proposal, it's time for a look at the rendering (above) and their pitch:

"The new structure wraps the existing building, constructed in the 1950’s, with a lattice screen that will glow in the evening while being a surface for ivy and flowering plants to grow on over time. A frieze wraps around the 3 sides of the structure, including soaring wind turbines that will generate enough power to operate the lighting of the building."
Also included in their plans: a dog bar, bike racks, an herb garden, a green kitchen design. They haven't decided whether or not there would be waiter service or not, but menu would be the same as the one at the cart. The Parks Dept won't release the names of other operators who are competing for the space, but NYMag reports that Danny Meyer, a force to be reckoned with, has thrown his hat in the ring.
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