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Monkey Bar's Emerging Social Stratification Revealed!

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So now that we've glimpsed the menu at the revived Monkey Bar, it's time to answer the far more important question confronting a Graydon Carter restaurant: where, praytell, do the A-listers sit? A special Eater operative who hit up Friends and Family last week sketched us the above overhead of the reworked back dining room; we appended their notes in red, and got the full lowdown:

Relates our operative: "The outer rim of the upper level, looking out into the room, is A-list all the way. The back corner booths are particularly private—there's a pillar of some sort blocking the view into the one in the upper left corner, which makes it the best seat in the house for celebs—unless, of course, they want to be seen, in which case they'll ask to be seated right against the back bankette. There's a second ring of bankettes on the upper level looking towards the walls. That's for the B-listers. If you get seated down in the pit, well, baby, you're C-list all the way."

Our operative gives Graydon & Co. a big thumbs-up for the aesthetic redo: "They kept the murals, which look great, and the back room feels more relaxed and yet glamorous than the still look it had under the Glazier Group's management."

And for the vibe and service: "Much less attitude than Waverly Inn." For which our operative credits Los Angeles hotelier and partner in the project Jeff Klein: "his fingerprints and Sunset Tower style all over it."

One week til the mortals stream in!
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