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Troubling Signs: Wafels and Dinges Truck On Last Legs

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Chelsea: Wafels & Dinges owner Thomas DeGeest reports the sad news that his big yellow waffle truck is practically out of service. Now, instead of roving all of Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn, the truck will remain stationary on 22nd and 7th during the week, with tow truck trips to Park Slope on the weekends. DeGeest explains:

"The waffle truck is walking on its last legs. It's pretty much in a coma now - we can't even get it started anymore these days...
A few weeks ago we could still get it started if we towed with our car for like half a block or so. We'd slam it in second gear after 30 yards and then with loud banging and lots of backfiring it would eventually start. That technique worked pretty well until one day the backfire set the bottom of the truck on fire, and a few days later the cops pulled us over for illegal towing..."
Could this be the end for one of the originators of the food truck trend? Given they haven't just gotten the thing fixed, we're not so optimistic, but DeGeest tells us to expect a comeback.
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