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Adventures in Shilling #052: Onda, Old Homestead, SushiSamba, Sweet Emily's

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It's time for another edition of Adventures in Shilling, in which we fight shilling the best way we can, by shaming tasteless, unscrupulous shills into submission. Well, that's the plan, at least. Fight shills yourself by dropping offensive links to

2009_02_homestead.jpgToday we have a fine selection of shills, all chosen from our own comment threads. Leading off, the most innocuous suspected shill, a comment on a post about the shuttering of Anita Lo's Bar Q. It could be a helpful reader and Onda fan...or a shill:

"BURGER INFO- Onda, a new FIDI restaurant has foie with their amazing ONDA burger. It's on 229 Front St. btw beekman and peck slip. Well worth the trip down!"
Shill Probability: 39%

There's a slight chance this is just a overzealous diner at Old Homestead. But chances are it's a shill:

"I ate at the restaurant last week and it was GREAT. The food was outstanding. Crab Meat Cocktail was so fresh and the shrimp are the best and biggest I have seen in NYC. My steak came out perfectly cooked and the steak sauce is a must. I loved the new design. It still has the old school steakhouse feel with a new twist. I look forward to going back!"
Shill Probability: 61%
A commenter is a little too excited about SushiSamba's curious new promotion (a $45 a head panel with free aps and drinks):
"Hey Eater, Thanks for the heads up on what sounds to me like a great night at sushisamba. I haven't been in a little while, but open bar, some good food, great topic for $45, I'm in. I've always liked Bob Lape, so I look forward to meeting him, as well as enjoying a caiprinhia!"
Shill Probability: 78%
After a negative comment on newcomer Sweet Emily's two suspiciously positive comments follow. The one that sticks out the most:
"I went to Sweet Emily's last week and the food was delicious... I still think of the coffee rubbed chicken Arepas..Ohhhh Crispy arepas made with Polenta.. non traditional but excellent...and there is the Grilled Caesar Salad.. yes grilled, not conventional but again delicious. And of course there are the drinks.. a smooth blackberry mojito and an excellent Jalaberry Margarita.. and they have a full bar for whatever you might desire?And the best part of it all are the prices?"
Shill Probability: 92%

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