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Decline and Fall: Town Sued by Four Purveyors for $68k

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Sweet, wonderful Town. You remember that spot Town right? It's related to that other restaurant Country, the one that was supposed to be reopening as a steakhouse oh, this month. We hear that Country has asked all managers to take 10-20% pay cuts and reduce days, but Town may be in even deeper trouble.

According to court documents, four purveyors are suing the restaurant for non-payment. DeBragga & Spitler Meats are owed $21,860.10 dating back to December 31. F Rozzo & Sons, Inc (a seafood provider) are owed $18,584.15 dating back to December 31. Dairyland USA Corp. is demanding $22,376.71 from January 7, and last but not least, Samuels & Sons Seafood Co. is suing for $5,683.75 from February 28.

This doesn't mean it's the end of the world for Town—in fact we're slightly more concerned for Country. Tavern on the Green has been sued for even more and it's still standing, for now. But when vendors, especially big ones such as these, have such little faith in a restaurant that they take them to court to get paid, it's not an encouraging sign.
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