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Dave Pasternack to Serve Lobster Rolls at Citifield

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Next Tuesday, when the folks at Citifield hold a press conference to discuss all of the concessions at the new Mets stadium, they'll tell us about the numerous venues from Union Square Hospitality Group, the Acela restaurant from Drew Nieporent, and the one project we know the least about, a new stand from one of the best seafood chefs in town, Esca's Dave Pasternack.

Though we'll all get the full scoop on Tuesday, the Mets website offers a sneak preview:

"Rounding out the 'Taste of the City' is a Long Island themed seafood stand, Catch of the Day, inspired by award winning seafood chef Dave Pasternack and featuring a fish sandwich, lobster roll, clam chowder and more."
Esca-quality lobster rolls and clam chowder in addition to Shack Burgers and Belgian fries all at a Mets game? It's almost too much. Meanwhile the Yankees are offering... a Hard Rock Cafe and celeb chef stations for the uber rich.
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