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Plywood Special: Anella to open in Queen's Hideaway Space

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Greenpoint: Encouraging plywood news coming from Greenpoint. We learn today that Tom Bencivengo, an investor in Fort Greene's No 7, is opening a new restaurant called Anella in the defunct Queens Hideaway space at 222 Franklin. He confirms that the chef of the restaurant will be Michael Sullivan, formerly of Chanterelle and Le Zinc. The restaurant sports a brick oven which will be utilized to make rustic Italian fare—pizza might be in the mix but will definitely not be the focus.

The designer/builder is Mathew Maddy of No. 7 and project manager of The Box. The space will feature an open kitchen, a long banquet, an outside garden space and a wrap-around bar made from old work benches. Also in the equation is Josh Cohen, a Brooklyn-project veteran with former projects including Jimmy's Diner and Plump Wine Shop. They decided to embark on the project after getting a good deal on the lease and as of now have a running bet for when it will open (April vs. May). Tom says May is a safe bet.
— Luciana Giangrandi


222 Franklin Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222 718 389 8100

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