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Plywood Heavily Delayed Edition: An Update at Dutch Kills

Long Island City: Blackbook heads out to Long Island City to see what the hold up is at Dutch Kills, Sasha Petraske's newest venture, last scheduled to open late February. Co-owner Richard Boccato tells the mag they new projection is sometime in April and that the delay is mostly construction related. They are still waiting on some plumbing, refrigeration, and custom-made sinks to be installed, so in the meantime, a few features of the future bar:

· There will be a hand-cut, made-to-order ice station.
· A band will play jazz and ragtime from Thursday to Saturday on the stage in the back room.
· The space is divided into a front "tavern" area with tables and benches, the bar area with bar stools, and the back room.
· There's a website!
· And the requisite color: "Dutch Kills exudes antique old-worldliness. It’s narrow and shelled in dark, mahogany-stained wainscoting."
· Dutch Kills Will Open in April [BB]
[Photo courtesy of Gothamist/Tien Mao]