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Rally Cry: Shaffer City

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Welcome back to Rally Cry, a recession-appropriate answer to our suspension of the Deathwatch. Rally Cry will take on a couple of evolving formats, but one will be as this Rally Cry is: a straight forward plea from management or local customer for support for a struggling venue. Publicists need not apply, however others wishing to cry shall please direct their inquiries to the

2009_03_shaffer.jpgSome restaurants have deals, some launch bar menus, and other switch from prix fixe to a la carte. And then there are others that have no choice but to beg their customers to return. The Scout reports that the 21st St. seafood spot Shaffer City recently sent out an email beseeching friends, family, and former customers to show their support:

"'It is with humility that I pen this note and once again request your assistance for the preservation of Shaffer City,' the e-mail opens, and ends with, “You may have forgotten all the fun we’ve had in the past together, you loved us once and we now are reaching out to reconnect, come on back and see what you’ve been missing.'"
Fans of the 10 year-old oyster haven or curious newcomers may want to check the place out—they have over two dozen kinds of oysters—before they pack it in for good.
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