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Good News/Bad News: White Slab Palace

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It's been almost a month since White Slab Palace, the long awaited Scandinavian bar/restaurant from the Good World team opened on Allen & Delancey. While a bevy of online and print outlets covered the opening, we haven't heard much since. So we scoured the blogs and the user review sites to see what people think so far of the food (No one's had any yet! But here's a menu), the drinks, and of course, the taxidermy. Some early thoughts:

The OK News: This Yelper likes the space and the good-looking people: "We came for drinks late nightish so I can't comment on the food but I liked the space (clean lines with really big windows). The bartenders were super helpful but I wasn't a fan of the 2 mixed drinks we tried and ultimately settled on some IPA. The first was called Lavendar Lemonade and (as I guess I should have expected) tasted like a vodka flower. The second was I think called La Puebla and was a mix of smoky tequila, mescal and some other stuff. Tough to drink but maybe fun to sip? Beware the innocuous looking green pepper served with the La Puebla. My friend almost died after taking a big bite of the sucker." [Yelp]

The Good News: Papermag, as usual, seems to like the Palace. Featured on their "Bar of the Week" post, Elizabeth Thompson says, "Indeed, White Slab Palace echoes its predecessor -- there are similarly lofty bar stools, a bit of taxidermy...and a slew of freshly-squeezed, creative cocktails. The Lavender Lemonade ($11), made with vodka, lemonade and orange curacao, was lively and floral, and the Bloody Beet, made with beet juice, Stoli, and garnished with a baby carrot, is a more adventurous option -- ideal for health conscious imbibers (or vampire bunnies)...In tune with its marble-derived name, the space features several geological design notes, like a granite topped bar and black slate stone on the wall, which combined with the space’s rustic wood tables and windows lining the walls, creates an airy, austere feeling..." [Paper]

The Not Awesome News: Another Yelper contributes his review: "Maybe going on a Wednesday night wasn't the hottest time to go but the scene did pick up as the night progressed. However, even with only 8 people in the bar it took the bartender 20 minutes to get our first round of drinks. The Scandanavian aspect of the bar is definitely still a bit of a mystery although they do have a nice display of Danish and Swedish Shnapps in the corner... Overall I'd say that White Slab shows promise, although there are still a bunch of loose ends that need to be tied up..." [Yelp]

The Pretty Good News: Bowery Boogie's initial impressions are pretty positive: "The interior exudes a pared-down industrial feel, complete with old school cash register, exposed piping, and floor to ceiling refrigerator. But the ultimate draw is the clear view of the street corner; it's a people-watcher paradise." [BB]

The Bad News: Always a naysayer. From Bowery Boogie's comments: "I would think that after spending close to 3 years building this place these people would come up with something more interesting than a rehash of the now-tired Good World formula with a bit of Freeman's thrown in. G.W. lost it's luster years ago, turning itself into a crash pad for aging hipsters coming down from their various poisons and now they have a place even closer to Happy Ending to daze in. Lame!" [BB]

The OK News: Per a Yelper, after a visit last Saturday: "The drinks are well made and the bartender is friendly and helpful although the drinks themselves don't taste that great IMO...There were no food options whatsoever but instead of the standard cocktail nuts the bartender brough out tiny plates of rye bread with cheese, olives, and a slice of prosciutto so that was a nice touch." [Yelp]
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