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Eater Scenes: Gotham Bar & Grill, 25th Anniversary

[Krieger, 3/22/09]
Union Square: On Sunday night, the famed Gotham Bar & Grill officially turned 25. Though chef Alfred Portale (who has been with the restaurant for the last 24 years, earning its highest accolades) has said he originally wanted to close down the street and throw a huge party, given the times, they decided on a media dinner on Thursday, followed by a more low key affair two nights ago. The restaurant was in full service, and VIPs, friends and family, regulars, and former employees and chefs stopped by to pay their respects. This is the scene around 8.
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Gotham Bar and Grill

12 East 12th Street, Manhattan, NY 10003 (212) 620-4020 Visit Website