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A Moveable Tweet: The Latest from the Industry Twitterati

Welcome to new feature A Moveable Tweet, where we round up the best musings of the restaurant industry twitterati from the last week.


@kathrynyu: "Christina Tosi says new Milk Bar soft serve on Wednesday late afternoon/night. Donut-inspired: classic, jelly, chocolate, bavarian cream."

@qualityrye: "absolutely aghast that ryan skeen was snubbed for a beard award. and why wasn't convivio up there? it's much, much better than scarpetta."

@plattypants: "off to the kingdom of bhutan, where the natives subsist on a diet of chili peppers and rancid yak cheese. pray for me."

@ruthreichl: "Should I be ashamed to have a cat who weighs 23 pounds? Probably. But he's both very happy and rather old. A contented survivor."

@gachatz: "Playing with an ultrasonic bath to disperse and cook starches and hydrocolloids into solution. Failing miserably..."

@joecampanale: "Best guest comment of tonight 'you're Italian..of course you love the piggy'"

@alexstupak: "working on a cold version of molten chocolate cake. its actually turning out to be a little tricky."

@edlevine: "went to Minetta Tavern and split the black label burger for an app and then split the cote de boeuf. crazy I know but soo delicious."

@kkrader: "love that michelle obama wont put beets in that garden."

@RichardBlais: "And I'm looking for a tatoo artist ? Either in ATL/ NY/ or LA . Please send suggestions !"
@kimseverson: "Almost got tricked into vegan lunch."
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