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Early Word: Checking out the Per Se A La Carte

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Columbus Circle: An early reaction to the Per Se a la carte offerings in the restaurant's bar/lounge, announced last week. From the comments Saturday:

"We (regular people) walked in last night and after the staff consulted the chef we were offered the a la carte menu in the lounge area. Was told that it was 'friends and family' only and it would start with the public today or Monday. Was fabulous. It's an almost-complete selection from the main dining rm menu, each item offered a la carte (so, not exactly 'snack' -- this is real dinner). I ate butter poached lobster, pork belly and a grapefruit-chocolate bomb type of thing. Cheese selection, bread, etc out of this world. The service was extraordinary -- the staff went out of their way to take care of us. All of this on a couch..."
Any more Per Se a la carte reactions, send them this way.
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Per Se

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