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Eater Scenes: Chanterelle, Noon

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Welcome to our photo series, where Eater photographer Daniel Krieger visits some of the city's storied restaurants to capture them at a certain, and very specific, point in the day. Today's installment: Chanterelle at noon.

[Krieger, 3/20/09]

Tribeca: Chanterelle, one of the old bastions of fine dining in New York, opened 30 years ago, and much has changed both in Tribeca and in the New York dining world at large in the last three decades. But, it wasn't until this year that owners Karen and David Waltuck introduced an a la carte menu, a signal that even traditionalists must adapt in the new economic downturn. While we worry that high end restaurants are getting hit particularly hard right now, Chanterelle still has a cadre of regulars, newcomers, and special occasion visitors. Here, we present the scene from a typical Friday afternoon.
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