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BOOM: Details of Per Se a la Carte Menu Unleashed

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Columbus Circle: On Tuesday it came out that Per Se was on the verge of launching an a la carte menu in its salon/bar area, and Wednesday we discovered they were already trying the program out on a few lucky diners. Today, the Brizzuni chimes in with the full reveal on the situation. Let's break it down:

· The salon menu launches Wednesday
· The menu will have 7 - 9 dishes, not all of which are on the regular tasting

· Prices: $24 - 46
· 24 seats, 4 bar stools
· No resys for now; not available at lunch

And Keller, on the change: “We’re all being faced with challenges we didn’t anticipate...It’s our responsibility to try to keep the opportunity open to a lot of guests who unfortunately can’t come to Per Se because of the situation.”

We're expecting you readers, 'Hounders, and eGulleters be all over this and we welcome any early reports.
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