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Eater Inside: Harbour

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[Horine, 3/19/09]
Soho West: Brought to you Richard Schaeffer and chef Joe Isidori, Harbour, the newest nautical restaurant to hit Manhattan, opens to the public next Monday, March 23rd. Before you ask, no it's not an offshoot of Lure. But indeed, they are very much going for that restaurant-on-a-boat look, and fittingly, the menu is rife with shellfish, chowder, and fish dishes, with a few meat entrees thrown in for good measure. According to press materials, they've decided to call this mix "Urban Market Cuisine."

And as a sign of the times, Harbour comes right out of the gate with some recession-minded specials. The set lunch is $25, set four-course dinner, $45, and 20 bottles are available for under $20. For a nostalgic, somewhat trendy addition: a artisanal soda menu. Oh and that Chihuly-like chandelier, it's is by Fornino owner Michael Ayoub. More reading here and here, and the menu below:

pickled gulf shrimp?pineapple & tamarind 9
butter clams?cocktail sauce, lemon & fresh wasabi 6
cobia sashimi?ginger, cucumber, ponzu & hot sesame oil 10
kampachi crudo?la quercia ham, crawfish, jicama & arugula 14
sea scallop ceviche?sea urchin & thai mignonette 10

soup & salad
house chowder...fresh herbs & vegetables 8
garden salad?buttermilk dressing & smoked blue 8
maine lobster salad?miso, tomato, apricot, cilantro mp

sea scallop?crawfish, cauliflower & raisin 12/25
cantonese style clams?black bean, tangerine & ginger 14/24
bouchot mussels? cabbage & bacon “kim chi style” 10/19

halibut?harissa, dates, olive & bacon 25
arctic char?miso, grapefruit & yuzu 23
cobia?escabeche, caponata, serrano & romesco 24
white sturgeon?yellow curry, crispy garlic & shu mai 26

braised chuck steak?spicy eggplant, celery root & cucumber raita 21
gianone chicken?garden vegetables & ver jus butter 20
hanger steak?peppercorn sauce 24

cabbage & bacon?kim chi style 5
cauliflower gratin?plumped raisins 6
spiced pomme frites?truffle aioli 6
crispy sweet onions?korean BBQ 5

dessert 8
black forest cake
sour cherries, whipped cream, chocolate mousse
coffee soufflé
white chocolate, pistachio ice cream
butterscotch pudding
brown butter cookie, popcorn, vanilla
buttermilk panna cotta
cucumber, melon, sweet basil drops, plum wine
market fruit salad vacheron
amaretti cookie, frozen yogurt, angelica root
selection of sorbets & ice creams
selection of cookies & petit fours

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