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UK's The Fat Duck Felled By Mysterious Illness, Chefs Made to Poop

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Sad news from across the pond: Heston Blumenthal's The Fat Duck, probably the second best molecularly gastronomic restaurant in the old world, has closed due to persistent food poisoning troubles. As per the Guardian who broke the news Friday:

Heston Blumenthal has shut the award-winning eatery - described in 2005 as the "the best place to eat on earth" - after up to 40 diners called in to say they were feeling unwell.

Around 400 customers have had their bookings cancelled as council environmental health officers and the TV chef's own safety experts conduct tests.

Suspicion fell first on the clams and oysters and the kitchen's supplies were hastily sent off for tests. When those results proved negative seating plans were analysed to establish whether particular chefs or waiting staff may have been responsible.

Then all 70 staff - including 40 chefs - were sent away to give stool samples, Blumenthal revealed. "It's really frustrating - we still don't know what the cause is," the chef lamented.

On the plus side, sickened diners will get a personal call from Heston and a "something special" when they revisited. Perhaps a nice ballotine of campylobacter with black pudding "to order", and pickling brine?

Heston Blumenthal's Fat Duck Shut Over Food Poisoning Scare [The Guardian]

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