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Why Can't New York Mag's Critics Agree on Anything?

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It's snowier than an Orhan Pamuk novel out there so there isn't much to do but stay home and read New York magazine's Best Of New York issue. Specifically, the Food Section natch. We have some issues with it, natch. First of all, what's with all the quibbling, Rob, Robin and Adam? If you all can't get along we'll turn this car right around! No Cracker Barrel for you!

Category Gerrymandering: Does anyone else find "Cutting Edge Chinese" simply a cunning way to include Shang and "Maccheroni Carbonara" a machination to include Convivio, the only place I know of in the city with such an item on the menu?

Internecine Dispute: Diversity of taste is one thing. The inability to find concordance on even the smallest issue is another. Messrs. Platt, Patronite and Mlle. Raisfeld are like a small gathering of three Jews. There are four opinions between them. Let's take a look at the Best Bargains, which, regardless of the diverging opinions, is the best page in the section. There are three critics and five categories meaning fifteen individual choices to be made. Amazingly, the only instance of agreement is on the best slice of Pizza. Chang-and-Eng Rob n' Robin pick Artichoke Basille's Sicilian slice but Platt can't restrain himself from remaining old school and tapping Di Fara's. He also adds, witheringly, that the city is "filled with imagined, overhyped pizza meccas." Critics, can't we all just get along?

Lack of Blog Editor Input: Grubstreet has its own domain. You'd think the print patsies would have the manners to offer its editor Daniel Maurer a seat at the table but no, he's still remanded to the cyber supply closet, with his Swingline stapler and MT account.

Leave your quibbles, disagreements and faint praise in the comments. Strong praise and compliments welcomed too.

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