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unconfirmed ramenmongering

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Riding the Ramen train, Dokebi Bar and Grill, the Korean BBQ place on Grand Street with wifi and tabletop BBQ, has been quietly working on ramen for three months. It's not on the menu but, according to the owner, you can ask for it on Friday and Saturday mornings. "An entire Japanese kitchen comes in at midnight on Friday and works until 4 am, making traditional ramen. In two weeks, we'll be doing ramen during the week as well." Ramen-making elves! However, when we called back to confirm, a woman answered and said she handled the Japanese ramen. According to her, the owner doesn't know and that the Japanese staff isn't coming in anymore after two weeks. What does this mean for you? Eat ramen at Dokebi this Friday and next Friday or risk never eating ramen at Dokebi again.

From commenter noway (thanks!): This is a "pop-up" ramen place called Bonjin (, it's been going on there for months now on Friday nights after Dokebi proper closes. According to the Bonjin website 3/13 is the last night.

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