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Monday Opening Report: Trigo Kitchen Certified Open, Fatty Crab UWS: "Maybe Weds"

Fatty UWS, in plywood days
Fatty UWS, in plywood days

1) Upper West Side: Both TONY and Lady Strongbuzz have the skinny on the fattiest of openings this week, the long-awaited UWS outpost of Fatty Crab. This fall tracking all-star will open Weds according to the Strongbuzz, who writes: “The feisty menu, divined by Pelaccio and executed by chef Corwin Kave (his mom Rhonda owns Ronni Sue’s chocolates in the Essex Market), is larger than its Meatpacking sibling and includes signatures like Fatty Tea Sandwiches with pork belly and sambal ($9), chili crab (MP), Chicken Claypot with ginger, green chili, tofu ($14), Skate Panggang—grilled on a banana leaf with sambal udang kering ($14), and Short Rib Randang—braised with kafir lime, chili and coconut ($25).” Status: Not Open. “Hoping for Wednesday but nothing’s certain.” 2170 Broadway; 212-496-2722. [TONY; Strongbuzz]

2) East Village: Grub Street has it that macrobiotic eatery Souen will open a new location tomorrow in the East Village. Here’s the scoop: “Pending a final inspection today, macrobiotic mini-chain Souen will open its latest outpost tomorrow, a 26-seater, with a design similar to Jewel Bako’s (same architect) that will focus on all-natural, organic ramen. The menu will be small — in addition to several appetizers including seitan dumplings and yuba (tofu skin), there will be a variety of soups prepared by one Chef Yoda, whose parents owned ramen shops back in Japan.” Status: Not Open. Opening tomorrow. 325 E. 6th Street; 212-388-1155. [GS]

3) Tribeca: PR brings word that newish Tribeca fixture, Trigo has opened a to-go annex adjacent to the restaurant called Trigo Kitchen. They write: "The menu of meals-to-go is divided into categories including Bakeshop; Farm Stand; Bread Board; and Market Table. Signature items include rich Chocolate Brownies; Marinated Tuna Sandwich with Fennel Salad; and Picnic Plate with Garden Salad, Flatbread, Olives, and Rotating Meats and Cheeses from the Trigo Dining Room.” Status: Certified Open. 268 West Broadway; 212-925-1600. [Eater Inbox]

Fatty Crab

2170 Broadway, New York, NY 10023 212-496-2722