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Ladies and Gentlemen, Prepare Yourself for The Breslin

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For year(s) now we've been anticipating the opening of the ACE Hotel on West 29th Street. It's already brought a lot of good with it from Seattle Portland including Stumptown jefe and coffee pirate Duane Sorenson's gruff tattooed caffeinated gruffness who is slated to open his first ever East Coast cafe there. But what, we wondered would the much-hyped Ken Friedman restaurant be?

He's already got the Spotted Pig, the John Dory, what animal could he tap to give its name to his new project? Now, as per the the Flatiron Newsletter, we finally get the name and the cuisine of the in-house restaurant run by Ken "King Midas" Freidman and April "Queen of The Fishes" Bloomfield.

The Ace, with an entrance at 20 West 29th Street, will have a soft opening in April. Its restaurant and other retail attractions will open closer to June. The restaurant will be called the Breslin, a nod to the original identity of the 12-story building, which was completed in 1904. It will be run by Ken Friedman and chef April Bloomfield, owners of the Spotted Pig. Unlike that highly acclaimed Greenwich Village gastropub, it will offer more of a pan-European cuisine with an emphasis on meat dishes, according to Alex Calderwood, one of Ace's founders.
[Flatiron Partnership]

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