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Eaterwire: Brooklyn Inn Bigger, Fabio Becomes Famous, and More

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BOERUM HILL: The perennially cramped Brooklyn Inn opened its renovated kitchen-cum-seating area where the jukebox once was. Music lovers, don't despair. They just moved the jukebox to the back room. In its stead, 25 seats and--gasp!--tables have been added. (Must have been a big jukebox.) [Eaterwire]

DUSTBIN OF HISTORY: Sherman Billingsley, proprietor of The Stork Club, had a thing for deft hand signals and extreme product placement. [A Continuous Lean]

TV LAND: Maybe fake Italian and former Top Chef contestant Fabio Viviani is getting his own television show. To be called Top Pussy. Kidding. Kidding. [Gossipsauce]

A GUSTY APARTMENT IN BUSHWICK: Joshua David Stein, after two days of guest editing Eater whilst Amanda and Lock were away, steps down and returns the site to its rightful owners.

[Milano's on Houston speaks truth]