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Eater Inside: Keste Pizza & Vino

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[Horine, 3/19/09]
West Village: Welcome to Keste Pizza & Vino, the newest pie joint to open in the Golden Age of Pizza. Run by pizzaiolo Roberto Caporuscio, the sell here is that when the restaurant opens (hopefully) next week, it will be serving for real, honest to God, swear on all that is holy, authentic Neapolitan pies. The oven meets all of the strict criteria of the Naples pizza-making people, while the pizzaiolos have been certified by the Associazone Pizzaiouli Napoletana.

And in the future, they're planning on opening a school on the lower level where they'll teach "literally ancient cooking techniques to students eager to make the most authentic regional food possible." According the NYMag, they're going to go for $4,000 for every ten classes. We expect more coverage across the blogs once the pies come out of that oven. Further reading here and here, and click here and here for the menu.

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