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Wednesday Opening: The Cafe at Bond St.'s Smile

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[Will Femia]

Noho: Racked brings word of the opening of Smile, a general store/cafe/tattoo parlor on Bond St. near Lafayette, from an Earnest Sewn vet. The shop has all kinds of goodies—clothing, accessories, bath and beauty products—but what we really care about it the cafe. Cheffed by Melia Marden, it's open for lunch and breakfast (starting this very morning at 10) and will serve a roster of coffees, pastries, sandwiches, salads, cheese plates, and the like. As for the tattoo parlor, she's hidden away in the basement. Overall the space is a beaute, rustic with wood ceilings and a lovely chandelier—wonder how it's all sitting with AvroKO, who once had their own designs on the space. Click over for the full gallery.
· Now Open: Bond Street's Brand-New Smile [Racked]

The Smile

26 Bond Street, New York, NY 10012