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EaterWire: Alligator Robbed, Behind the Scanwich, Anthos Upstairs

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WILLIAMSBURG— The Brooklyn Paper reports that thieves stole $1,700 from the Greenpoint branch of Alligator Lounge, formerly Lost & Found, on March 8: "The thieves broke into the Alligator Lounge and grabbed the cash from a register in a storage closet between 6:15 pm and 3 am, when workers discovered that the dough was missing." [BP]

MIDTOWN— The Feedbag gets a look at the new menu at Anthos Upstairs, Michael Psilakis and Donatella Arpaia's attempt to offer their high end food at a lower cost. Items range from $9-15 and include loin of lamb, rabbit sausage, ribs, and dumplings. [TFB]

SCANWICHES— Gizmodo goes behind the scenes with popular sandwich blog, Scanwiches: "I clean the glass at the end of each set with Windex and a paper towel...We started with a plastic film when we first scanned but we found that it fogged up when we did hot sandwiches." In related news, we discover today a much less awesome scanwich blog, Scanwich, predates its rival by at least a year. But as the Snuggie people said to the Slanket people, it's all about marketing and a superior product. [Gizmodo; GS]

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