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SHOCK: Savvy Diners Already Sampling Per Se A La Carte

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Columbus Circle: Yesterday, when it came out that Per Se was considering an a la carte menu for its lounge and bar area, we didn't know they had already begun testing it out. But a commenter points us to the following eGullet poster who witnessed the lounge dining:

"It looks like they just opened up the 'lounge' to some sort of more casual dining this week. Normally when you walk in, it's pretty empty in the lounge corridor until you enter the dining room, but seemingly no longer. Now there are people lining up on the couches along the wall, sipping drinks or eating dishes. Apparently you can order the same or similar dishes as are on the menu that night, but without needing to go the full monty - just order one and a drink if you like and eat it in the lounge."
Anyone who's sampled this menu—or has a pic to send in—operators are standing by.
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