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Genius Gimmicks: Gossip Girl at Park Avenue Winter

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[Horine, 3/16/09]

Upper East Side: Last night, Gossip Girl fans finally got a dose of their fix after endless reruns. And Park Avenue Winter got something many restaurants haven't seen in quite awhile: a packed house on a Monday night. Of course, the packed house came as a result of the joint's new gimmick of giving away free meals to any girl (of any age, ladies) dressed in a schoolgirl uniform, which runs through this Friday.

According to reps for the restaurant, over 250 "girls" (and the list is growing) have made reservations to collect their free grub for each night during the promotion, and WPIX and a Japanese TV crew have already been on the scene.

So, as a service advisory to both regulars and the all you creeptastic men out there: it'll be a circus here for the rest of the week.
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