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An Choi Owner Defends its $8 Bahn Mi, $9 Pho

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Lower East Side: An Choi, the sliver of a Vietnamese restaurant at 85 Orchard, has been soft open for a couple of weeks now, but the owners have told us they're closer to announcing its grand opening—"tentatively" this week—when a few more menu items will be added (the menu below is available now). Those of you following this restaurant may remember the heated discussion in the comments when a reader complained about the high $8 price for a bahn mi so close to Chinatown, where one can get two for the same price. Co-owner Huy Bui responds:

"There has been a recent dialogue on your Eater regarding Banh Mi and whether it warrants the pricing, and as you can see on our menu (attached) all the dishes are under $10 which is we think is suited for these economic conditions that we're all facing."
To be fair, the prices at fellow schmancy bahn mi shops Baoguette and Num Pang are in the same range, and atmosphere should come into play. Even enraged commenter Seyo changed his mind about the place.

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· Complaints Dept: An Choi [~E~]