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EaterWire: Attempted Robbery at Esca, Cody's Shuttered by Holland Tunnel

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MIDTOWN WEST— The Post reports that two masked men attempted to rob Esca last week, but only made off with envelopes full of receipts: "According to law-enforcement sources, two men stormed a back door early Thursday and headed straight for a coat closet where up to $15,000 had been stored - the earmarks of a possible inside job." [NYP]

SOHO WESTCody's Bar and Grill at 282 Hudson has been closed for the last week with the above sign in the window. A tipster muses: "Perhaps the city is reimbursing them. I've never seen more than one or two tables occupied in this location-challenged place." [EaterWire]

MIDTOWN EAST— "21" Club is the latest restaurant to be accused of stealing servers' tips in a lawsuit. [City Room]


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