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A Moveable Tweet: The Latest from the Industry Twitterati

Welcome to new feature A Moveable Tweet, where we round up the best musings of the restaurant industry twitterati from the last week.


@Gachatz: "Figured out way to make entire tabletop a plate. Fun, engaging, and entertaining,but is it fine dining eating w/ hands from table surface?"

@plattypants: "In disguise tonight. Having trouble fitting this giant pork chop thru my fake beard."

@RichardBlais: "Someone just spotted me at chilis and said "I can't believe he's eating here" I'm in an airport !!! And I like boneless chicken wings..."

@pete_wells: "So is Kurve still open? East Village, holla."

@alexstupak: "heading into work to complete recipes for Popular Mechanics, Pastry Arts, and So Good magazine."

@alisoncook: "Here is what my cat wants you to know, from her paws to your twitter feed: Ωzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

@roccodispirito: "salmon, miso, orange marmalade, lemon juice, broilermmmmmm"

@ruthreichl: "At airport this morning tried Duncan Donuts egg, vegie, cheese sandwich on bagel. Beyond vile. Shockingly awful soft cardboard pseudofood."

@kkrader: "Doesn't like looking at the fish tank where eel committed suicide"

@KatieLeeJoel: "Taim for lunch. Hummus,moroccan carrots,babaghanoush,Israeli salad,pita with za'tar, and fries with saffron aioli!!!!"
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