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Famed Coney Island Pizzeria Totonno's Felled by Fire

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Coney Island: The blogs, the papers, and NY1 reported over the weekend that Coney Island's 85 year-old pizzeria Totonno's—said to be the oldest pizzeria in the country operated by one family—was struck by a serious fire on Saturday morning. No one was hurt, but the damage was so extensive that the pizzeria will be closed for the immediate future while the family rebuilds. Owner, Lawrence Ciminieri tells Ed Levine he's hoping to reopen in a month:

"Everything is going to be fine....The back two rooms are gone. The dining room is fine. The oven will have to be re-bricked, but that is something we do every few years anyway. I think we'll be back open in a month."
And all this during the newly minted "Golden Age" of pizza. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery.
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Totonno's Pizzeria Napolitano

1524 Neptune Avenue, New York, NY 11224 718 372 8606