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Alice Waters on 60 Minutes: Choose Grapes Over Nikes

If you missed slow food diva Alice Waters on 60 Minutes last night, have no fear: the full 12 minute piece is online.

All in, it's a bit of a snooze: they touch upon her suggestions for the White House, the Slow Food festival in SF, her children's gardening program, the accusations of elitism and self-righteousness, and the reality of Americans buying "luxury" food during a recession. The real highlight is the visit to Waters' kitchen, where (shock!) she does not have a microwave and (hilarious!) she cooks her farm fresh eggs in a roaring fireplace. And there's this comment of course:

"We make decisions every day about we we're going to eat. And some people want to buy Nikes, two pairs. And other people want to eat Bronx grapes and nourish themselves."

However Gawker points out, Waters may seem loopy and elitist, but it doesn't mean she's wrong:

"No sooner had Stahl finished asking 'Is she kidding??' than the New York Times reported that six percent of retail pork in a recent test carried a deadly staph infection, MRSA, that kills 18,000 Americans each year...Now there's an exciting new pig strain of MRSA, which seems to be jumping to humans. This is one of the many reasons Waters is pushing people to buy antibiotic-free meats and other farmers-market-type goods regardless of the economic climate. She's apparently just too polite to say so."
Meanwhile, the debate rages on on the Chowhound boards.
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