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On the Market: Alfama, Smorgas Chef, Delicia Brazil

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West Village: A glimpse at the recent commercial real estate listings reveals there is a wealth of opportunities for those brave enough to open a new restaurant right now. The most recent newsletter from Coldwell Banker contained nine restaurant or bar listings—in some cases, where the corpses are still warm—across Nolita, the West Village, and Midtown.

One we're fairly surprised by: Alfama, the well established Portuguese restaurant on Hudson and Perry, now going for $27.5k a month. Reps at the restaurant tell us they hope to relocate this summer, but they're still not sure where the business will land. Other interesting locations on the market:

· Nolita's Ethiopian favorite, Ghenet, which has reportedly been on the market for months without finding a buyer.
· 49th Street and 2nd's Smorgas Chef.
· Adorable little below ground Brazilian restaurant, Delicia Brazil
· The long shuttered Pintxos at 510 Greenwich.
· The former Da Andrea space at 557 Hudson.
· An unnamed restaurant/lounge on Mulberry between Prince and Spring.
· McFadden's Saloon A bar located near McFaddens, at 800 2nd Ave off 42nd.

· On the Market/Shutter: Rare Bar & Grill [~E~]


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