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More From Citifield: Awaiting a Big Esca Reveal

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Flushing Meadows: Leading up to the April 13th grand opening (or April 2, if you're going to the exhibition games) of the new Mets stadium Citifield, we've heard a lot about what Union Square Hospitality Group has planned and a little on what Drew Nieporent has up his sleeve. But they won't be the only vendors at the ballpark. The stadium is planning a big media reveal on March 31st, and after seeing how hush hush the press people are being, we're expecting a few surprises. Something we're especially looking forward to: the rumored fish and chips project of Esca's Dave Pasternack. So is Gourmet's Ruth Reichl. A tweet:

"I'm thinking of that lovely heap of raw Maine shrimp I had last night at Esca. And about the food Dave's going to sell at Mets new stadium."
A rep at Esca knew of the project but told us only Pasternack can discuss the details (and he's, unfortunately, out for weekend). More after the preview on March 31.
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